Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tough Tips

Let me introduce you to IBX. From the people who brought you Dadi Oil this is a Penetrating, Curable monomer System. The agent fuses together the nails top layers to improve nail place integrity under any Gel Polish coating or nail enhancements! Along with also keeping your nails strong so that they grow long.

This is applied just like a polish and is even LED curable. Providing strength and protection. In a .5 fl OZ bottle you can get 60-70 applications of 10 nails and the product has a shelf life of 36 months! Value for money right there! The innovative 2 part system offers benefits that are truly revolutionary.
Under gel polish it creates a protective shield for your natural nails and even reduces white spots that tend to occur with the use of Gel Polish.
As a Natural Nail Growth Treatment IBX Repair is used to treat severe nail damage to aid nail growth. It also toughens the upper layers of the nail plate. IBX also fills up deep grooves in nail plates with multiple treatments! To top it all off your nails natural colour and appearance is also improves and enhanced! IBX Repair contains 50-60 applications of 10 nails per .33 fl OZ bottle with a shelf life of 36 months! Use this product prior to using IBX as the fusion layer beings the formation of the IPN.
There you have it! I’m sure that these brand new products will become staples in every nail technician’s kit! Give your clients the long, happy and healthy nails they’ve always wanted with these miracle products! For more information check out! Here you can find a how-to video on the products and even download a brochure!

Overall I have been using this product on my clients since I got my hands on it and I love it I will rate it 9 out of 10 - well done Famous Names 

Let me know what you think! Will you be using this product on your clients anytime soon? Remember to Sparkle To the Tip!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Heres the Crack



Brittle, cracking and weak nails aren't attractive. With all of the remedies and drugs out there that claim to enhance and heal your damaged nails there are various healthy ways to naturally strengthen your nails! It's easier on your bank too! 

You lifestyle has a major affect on the quality of your nails. Do you wash pots frequently? Do you bite your nails? Are you constantly applying and removing polishes? Each of these types of activities weakens your nails!

Avoid harsh chemicals! Acetone and other chemicals will drain your nails of their moisture making the brittle and dry. Try having a few days where your nails have no polish on them. Let your nails breathe!  Also soaking your nails in water frequently will make your nails soft, meaning they will break more easily. Wear rubber gloves when washing the pots. Avoid any activity where your nails will be submerged in water for length of time.
A good hand and nail cream is essential! Keeping your nails and cuticles moisturised will help them soft and smooth. Get a moisturiser that contains almond oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil to make sure your nails have their vital oils. When filing your nails be sure to file in one direction. Filing your nails in two directions can make your nails split. Your diet plays an important role in the heath of your nails. Be sure to eat foods that contain essential oils and vitamins. This will substantially improve your nails health and appearance, as well as making you healthier too! 

Last but not least try buffing your nails. This will give your nails a great shine which will make them look stunning. Buffing your nails brings blood and lymph to the nail matrix and also smoothed out any ridges and grooves in the nail. 

Use these tips religiously and in a couple of weeks your nails will be in tip top condition! Remember to sparkle to the tip! 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Halloween is coming soon and we all know what that means! It's time to reveal the bigger nail looks for Halloween 2013! This year OPI have the spotlight with their new Rock Goddness Mini Lacquer Set!

The set hit the stores in September and is set to make a big splash! The collection consists of 4 must have shades with ever amazing OPI names! Yellopalooza, Stand in Lime for Days, Rolling Bones and The Drummer’s Hot.  With these shades you'll be able to wear them well after the Halloween holiday so you can be your own Rock Goddess for as log as you like!

On average the polishes need around 2 or 3 coats for a full even coat. My personal favourite either the lime green or the mustard yellow polishes! As a little treat the set even comes with a cute skull bracelet!

Whatever you choose to be for Halloween, be sure to pick up on this holidays biggest nail trend! Remember to Sparkle to the Tip!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Join The Navy

With London Fashion Week over its time to look at what the biggest nail trends were seen on the catwalks. Many designers such as Gianfranco Ferre and Manish Arora used deep shades of navy for their models nails. Either used as a full block colour or used in nail art this shade looks stunning for autumn and winter. Wearable for both day and night you can't go wrong. Suitable for both work and play too this trend is a god send.

Nail brands such as OPI and Seche have this look nailed! For fun twists on this trend try using an ombré affect by pairing a navy tone with a shimmery silver or pearl shade.  Perfect for cool nights. Glamorous and sexy. For a sultry night look pair these nails with a simple long black dress!

So what are you waiting for? Join the navy today and make a splash! Remember to sparkle to the tip!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Leighton Denny never disappoints when he releases a new range of polishes and this time is no acceptation! His latest collection, Temptation is a six piece collection with stunning shades from teal to lilac.  The polish colours hit the berry and jewel colour trend in both fashion and beauty! What more could you want?

Both sophisticated and daring the long lasting shimmery shades are perfect for autumn nights. My personal favourites are Hypnotic, a teal blue with a taffeta apppearance and Attention Seeker, a vibrant berry red shade. The other colours, Lilac Lust, which is a shimmery lilac tone, Mutual Attraction, a shimmery burgundy tone, Statement Maker, a beautiful emerald green with a metallic touch and Temp Me, a deep purple with a metallic green undertone, mean that this collection will appeal to everyones taste and style. Each as stunning as the last its hard to choose which to buy first! With them being only £11 each you can afford to treat yourself to them all! These will be the perfect accessory for night time and will make you be noticed for all the right reasons!

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Saturday, 31 August 2013


Autumn 13/14 brings us exciting new trends for the beauty world. This season is the time to try out the new Oxblood trend!

Wave good bye to the classic bright red shade and say hello to the deep red tone known as Oxblood. Similar to burgundy and deep berry, this shade has been seen on the runways of Elie Saab and Reem Arca. Some shades so deep they even bordered on black. Keep the coats super glossy and high shine for the wow factor! Maybe even hit two trends at the same time and add a single small gold square stud on your ring finger!

Subtle and seductive this trend is perfect for autumn nights. Release your sinister out side now! Remember to Sparkle To The Tip! 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Take a walk on the 3D side

Nails in fashion are becoming more and more adventurous and Avant Garde. With designers and nail technicians constantly using new techniques and ideas make your nails even more stunning its hard to keep up! One of the best show stopping nail trends that has hit the scene is 3D nail art. With the most popular being flowers, bows and studs its hard to choose which!

Every girly girl in the world loves flowers. With the vintage trend in fashion being so popular this could be your way to nail the vintage trend! There are many ways to do the 3D flower. Most nail technicians will build these out of Acrylic meaning they are individual to you and they are super strong. This is perfect for summer, it gives you a delicate, elegant and pretty look for weeks on end!

Carrying on from the delicate and pretty look of the flowers, the 3D bow trend ticks the same boxes! Again these will be created using Acrylic to make sure they have strength and will last everyday. Bows definitely have the cute factor. I would vamp them up by having black nails an deep red bows!

The final major 3D nail trend is studs! These are great for nights out! These are small stick on accessories just like gems and pearls. The darkest of the three trends, studding definitely vamps up and add a rocky edge to any look. For the best look try black nails with gold square studs!

So no matter what your style or your look there's always a way to rock 3D nail art! Remember to Sparkle To The Tip!