Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bio Sculpture

The phenomenon that is Bio Sculpture is a nail treatment that promotes the growth of your natural nails. The products cure under a U.V.A light and with 150 colours it's hard not to resist. The colours are super strong, soak off easily, non chipping and hard wearing but when removed does no damage to your natural nails. The products require no buffing, no primer or bonding before applying the colour meaning that there is no dehydration of the nails helping to keep the your nails as healthy as possible. Helping to promote their growth. Bio Sculpture is the original and is still the only soak off gel brand that can reshape and sculpt while still promoting the health of the natural nail.

Bio Sculpture have had many firsts in the nail industry since 1988. To start with it was registered as the world first soak off gel that cured under UV light and created a hard wearing crystal clear finish. In the same year Bio
Sculpture then created Sculpting Gel. A gel that was flexible and that could create a natural. Looking nail extension. Two firsts in the same year for the nail world. In 2010 they released Treatment Gels that helped technicians customise nail treatments to their individual client needs. Since then has expanded in to 30 different countries making them the leading nail care brand and is only getting bigger.

The colours are updated twice a year for spring/summer and for autumn/winter. Meaning you will always have that seasons hottest colours asap. The colours are amazing. With every shade of purple, blue , pink and nude imaginable the range just keeps growing. With he addition of glitter and florescent colours. Offering nail technicians even more nail possibilities.
Since its release in 1990 "pilar box red" still to this day remains as their most popular colour that created a non chip colour for three whole weeks. They now even offer nail wraps and nail art.

With few salons offering this service many mobile nail technicians are keen to start the Bio Sculpture Course that teaches technicians how to use their products and can even offer then clients! Looks like we will be seeing a lot more of Bio Sculpture. Remember to sparkle to the tip!

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