Wednesday, 6 February 2013

No Ordinary Nail

Some women prefer to have simple, classic fully painted nails whereas some women want a little more flare with their nails. Nail art is huge. Nails aren't about just having a simple colour anymore it's about the designs that are on them. From Floral, geometric, swirls, polka dots and many many more. The possibilities are endless. Their are lots of tools and small accessories that a nail technician will use to create custom nail designs. It is done with special paints, acrylic colours that have a high gloss level to achieve the best results. Also, it is done using special brushes which are made of pure sable hair. Many different nail art designs suit different styles and personalities. For example, someone who likes the 1950's and the classic pin up style would probably like the red and white polka dot nails (shown below). Just as clothes and accessories, it’s detailing that defines good nail art. Nail art is not simple drawing or painting its an expression of a personality. Nail technicians will practise this craft on plates tic nail colour wheels. This will show their customers what types of nail art can be offered and it allows the nail technician to test out new nail art products such as pens and strips.

Nail art can be 2D or 3D and can suit any occasion depending in the nail design. Many women choose to have floral and diamanté nail art if they are a bride and when attending a wedding because of its delicate and ultra feminine look. Many people like to have only the tips of their nails decorated. One of the most popular nail art designs at the moment is the paint splash tip (shown below) lots of people have recreated this, some having a contrasting splash colour on every tip and some using glitter to create a sparkly splash.

At the Olympia Beauty Show in London nail art is taken to its extreme. Fantasy nails. These are nails that have been painted and the technicians had hand made various small fantasy creatures and figures out of acrylic. Including small mermaids and spacemen! All amazing.

I can't wait to see what amazing nail art you will design. Remember to sparkle to the tip!

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