Thursday, 29 August 2013

Take a walk on the 3D side

Nails in fashion are becoming more and more adventurous and Avant Garde. With designers and nail technicians constantly using new techniques and ideas make your nails even more stunning its hard to keep up! One of the best show stopping nail trends that has hit the scene is 3D nail art. With the most popular being flowers, bows and studs its hard to choose which!

Every girly girl in the world loves flowers. With the vintage trend in fashion being so popular this could be your way to nail the vintage trend! There are many ways to do the 3D flower. Most nail technicians will build these out of Acrylic meaning they are individual to you and they are super strong. This is perfect for summer, it gives you a delicate, elegant and pretty look for weeks on end!

Carrying on from the delicate and pretty look of the flowers, the 3D bow trend ticks the same boxes! Again these will be created using Acrylic to make sure they have strength and will last everyday. Bows definitely have the cute factor. I would vamp them up by having black nails an deep red bows!

The final major 3D nail trend is studs! These are great for nights out! These are small stick on accessories just like gems and pearls. The darkest of the three trends, studding definitely vamps up and add a rocky edge to any look. For the best look try black nails with gold square studs!

So no matter what your style or your look there's always a way to rock 3D nail art! Remember to Sparkle To The Tip! 

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