Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Textured treats

This summer it's all about nail textures and effects! Instead of simply having either matte or shiny nails why not be more daring and fun with the various texture polishes that are out there. We have already seen the launch of the Velvet Manicure earlier this year and now the nail world has released new textures to treat us. There are textures for every occasion and for everyone's style and here I have picked my favourites.

Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish gives an affect similar to a birds egg with the small speckles in the polish. The polishes come in pastel shades of blue and mint with contrasting speckles for maximum affect. I love this texture. This look was seen on the cover of Scratch magazine for their Easter edition! If your wanting these beautiful polishes then don't be shy as these are limited edition and I'm sure they won't be in stores for long.

Every summer the rock and roll trend comes into fashion and this summer it's no different. Nails Inc have launched their leather look texture nail polish. This polish when dry gives the look of matte leather and the pack even gives you an extra rock and roll edge with small skulls that can be applied to your nails too! These nails are sure to rock your summer nights. The "Bling It On Leather & Skulls" pack is on sale now at This style has even been seen worn by Alexa Chung!

OPI have done it again. They have launched a new range and instantly started a new nail trend. OPI have created a Liquid Sand nail varnish range. Most glitter polishes need more than 2 coats to give all over glitter coverage but with the liquid sand technology the glitter is evenly and heavily distributed giving excellent coverage. The effect when the polish is dry is matte and rough giving the look and feel of sand. These polishes come in various colours including a limited edition James Bond vixen range too with colours being named after characters such as Pussy Galore and Jinx. If you've ever wanted to be a Bond girl then how's your chance!

Magnetic polishes aren't new but Essie have revamp the look. They have created a range of polishes that comes with a magnet that will, when used over two coats of the nail polish, create a reptile skin texture! The deep burgundy shade called "Sssssexy" is my favourite. Simple but affective this polish is perfect for summer holidays and parties.

Nails Inc are spoiling us with yet another 2 textured polishes! Yes 2! The first is a denim effect polish. This polish when applied is glossy but dries down to a matte textured finish. Just like denim! The double denim trend can now be worn on your nails. Amazing. The next is a Concrete effect! This polish dries matte and grainy just like concrete. Including doing the obvious grey colour varnish Nails Inc have decided to go bright with tones of blue, yellow and red for an ultra summery look. Stunning.

So whatever your style and for whatever occasion you can have amazing textured nails in beautiful colours. I can't wait to see what textures you'll choose for summer! Let me know which are your favourites in the comments below! Remember to sparkle to the tip!