Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bad habits

We all have our bad habits but nails biting is a terrible one. Nail biting is essentially when you bite off your the free edge of your nail. People. It's their nails for various reasons. The most common being stress but it can also be caused by boredom, lack of tools to trim the nails, imitation (copying a family or friend) and even trauma. Although it can't stunt your nail growth no ones nails look good when they're all bitten. Biting your nails will also damage your cuticles. Here are a few helpful tips to help you stop the nail biting habit. There are also some images shown below of a before and after of a clients nails with bitten nails that I did recently.

Try relaxing more. If your nail biting is a result of being overly stressed then try taking some time out and relaxing. Try reading a magazine or a book to keep calm. Or even try using a stress ball to relieve your stress. With bitten nails being socially unacceptable try wearing false nails. This will help cover up your bitten nails and make them look more presentable. Your nails will also grow under the false nails meaning they can recover. Try distracting yourself. This will help to get biting your nails off you mind. The easiest tip is to apply a bitter tasting nail polish on to your nails so then when you try to bite your nails you have a bitter taste left in your mouth. Over time this will then stop you biting your nails as you don't want the taste.

I hope you all stop biting your nails and keep those nails look stunning. Remember to sparkle to the tip!

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