Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Ombré nails have been everywhere lately. Ombré is French and is used to describe anything such as hair, nails or fabric when the colours morph from one to another. The ombré trend has been in fashion, hair and now it's overtaking the nail world. Ombré nails were seen every where on the runway this season with designers having ombré tips and intricate colour merges. Stunning. Here ill be showing you how to create the ombré nails look at home. The first method is if you are wanting a basic one tone ombré nail an the second shows you how to create a more tonal and deep ombré nail design.

For both methods you will need a base coat, nail polish colours which will become the ombré design, a makeup sponge and a top coat. If you wanting a deeper blend of colour then use 3-4 shades of the same colour ranging from dark to light.

Firstly make sure all basic nail care is done before applying colour such as removing any polish already on the nails, pushing back the cuticles, trimming, shaping and base coat.

For the first method choose your first ombre colour and this will be the base colour for the nail. Then choose your second ombre colour and place a small amount on a make up sponge. You need to "dab" gently on your nail starting at the tip and working your way half way up the nail. Continue to do this until you are happy with the ombré effect. Finally cure the nails and apply a top coat. The top coat will also help make the nails look more blended. Then you have simple easy to do ombré effect nails.

For the second ombré nail effect use the small end of the make up sponge and paint about three or four strips of colour side be side ranging from dark to light. This will become the ombré effect. Use scotch tape around your nails to avoid getting the colours all around your fingers. Then stamp the sponge onto your nails and press it over and over moving the sponge up and down slightly to get the fading effect instead of stripes. Cure your nails and remove the tape. Then apply the top coat for added shine. Perfect and simple ombré nails.

Ombre nails can also be done by painting each nail a different shade of the same colour. These nails will be stunning all season long and will go with any outfit or event. Stunning. I'm sure you'll have a great time experimenting with different colour combinations. Remember to sparkle to the tip!

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