Thursday, 28 February 2013

Your best foot forward

We all love a good manicure and even better is a pedicure to go with your fantastic new nails. The Footsie Bath Beverly Hills Foot Spa is the way forward for pedicures. Sleek, professional and durable.

The bath comes with 10 disposable liners which are fitted to the tub making it look professional. The liners also help with cleaning and tidying too with them being one use.

The bath also has a generous 7 foot long retractable cable meaning that there are no dangerous cords lying on the floor and it also helps keep to you station tidy and professional.

The tub is 6" deep offering enough water to give a therapeutic soak and allows for foot treatments such as masks, creams and scrubs to be washed away easily without spilling.

The bath has vibration function offering your clients a gentle massage during their soak. The "noise reduction" system ensures that the vibrations are as quiets a possible helping you maintain your calm an relaxing atmosphere and station you need. The bath offers four vibration functions meaning you can choose one specially for your clients needs. The functions are "heat and vibrate", "heat only", "vibrate only" and "off". Perfect for ultra relaxation. You can even control the temperature of the water to suit your client!

I'm certain this will be huge or pedicures in every salon and used by nail technicians everywhere. Remember to sparkle to the tip!

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