Sunday, 27 January 2013


During the spring and summer season floral prints become a staple in fashion and beauty with out fail every year. Floral prints create a very summery and girly look. They are also perfect for any occasion, whether it be a vintage party, a wedding or everyday. Here I'll show you what the most popular types of floral nails are out their and other ideas for interesting floral nails.

Floral nails are probably the most girly types of nails you could have. Use pale background colours to make the flowers stand out, colours such as grey and mint, are very popular background colours with them creating a fresh and vintage look. Mint is also a great colour for summer because of how bright it is. To create the perfect vintage looking nail use colours such as light pink, red and green for the nail art flowers. The mint will help the flowers stand out. Use accenting colours such as yellow too.

If your looking for a little more prettiness and femininity in your nails then why not try glitter. You could use glitter to add a little bit of sparkle on the flowers or if you want even more then you could use the glitter for the entire background. Also if your wanting your floral nails to be more interesting then why not apply some acrylic 3D flowers to your nails. Amazing for a summer wedding. If your going on a tropical holiday this summer then why not use background colours such as yellow, red or orange. Then use a white nail art pen to draw on small Hawaiian flowers on top . This creates a stunning beach nail look.

Also you could try having other prints such as stripes and polka dots for a print clash effect. Or why not add other small 3D accents such as gems or pearls.

Looking forward to summer already ! Remember to sparkle to the tip !

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