Friday, 25 January 2013

The Velveteen Manicure

An amazing new trend has emerged in the nail scene. Many nail technicians claim to have created it but whoever originally did it is a genius. The Velveteen Manicure gives your natural nail or nail enhancements the effect of velvet fabric. They appear soft and slightly fury just like velvet but is very hard wearing. This product us even waterproof!

Whether your having The Velveteen Manicure on your whole nail or incorporating it into nail art they're sure to look stunning.

This needs nothing more than a UV lamp to cure the gel sealer required to bond the fibres.To apply on to a gel polish, sprinkle the powder like material onto your wet gel and then cure for 2 minutes. Brush away the excess and return to the jar. You can also apply Velveteen with regular top coat over polish. Then you have amazing textured nails! Who says nails have to be either matt or shiny why not go Velveteen.

Remember sparkle to the tip!

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