Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Male Nail

Nowadays it's not enough to simply judge a man on how shiny his shoes are, today his nails also have to be well-attended too. The male manicure differs from the female one. The male manicure is simpler and more natural. There is also no colour applied. Men prefer to focus on the all natural look of the nail but that look cared for. They also prefer to have a low maintenance nail care regime until they next have a manicure. We all use our hands 24/7 and all want our hands and nails to look presentable and neat so here are some simple steps to creating a male manicure.

Overall men prefer to have short and rounded nails. This is because it looks cleaner, neater and more office fit. But always be sure to have a free edge on the nail for protection of the nail. Once shortened and shaped the nails then need to be buffed with or without oil. The oil helps to maintain the health of the cuticles. Many men would prefer only cutting and buffing and not have products applied to keep things simple. It is helpful, however, to use a clear base coat and top coat. It won't be obvious but can offer some protection and shine. Applying moisturiser to your cuticles will keep them soft and healthy.

A male manicure is simple and easy to do and can be done weekly so the man in your life can have great looking nails everyday just like you.

Remember to sparkle to the tip!

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