Monday, 21 January 2013

Wedding Bells

On your special day you want everything to be perfect. Down to the smallest detail. Each flower, the venue, the outfits and of course your nails. Delicate and beautiful. Natural.

For amazing wedding nails focus on looking natural and not over done. The most popular wedding nails are classic French tips with delicate nail art. Floral nail art designs emphasise the pretty and girly look of the bride. Try having gold highlights or glitter for added glamour and sparkle. Some brides have even had 3D acrylic flowers applied to the nails along with small pearls. You could even have lace nail art to add to the delicateness of the bridal gown.

You could use your wedding colour scheme in your nail art too. If you have purple flowers, chairs etc you could have purple nail art on your ring fingers to coordinate with the venue and emphasise the ring. Hope you get some inspiration for great bridal nails for your special day.

Remember sparkle to the tip!

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